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CANDIDATE PROFILE - HawaiʻI County Mayor

Mikey Glendon

Residence: Glenwood

Bio: I am a proud father and native Hawaiian resident of Hawaiʻi Island. Raised in Glenwood, Puna, I grew up with my parents and three siblings in a tiny country home. We all (6) attended Kamehameha Schools Kapālama and UH Hilo campuses. Between the six of my family members, we hold 16 educational degrees of higher learning, or 22 degrees if we include high school (PhD-Bachelors). I worked for hilo fish company (ocean resources), Aloha veterinary center (animal/patient care), a ranch (raising animals), Kulana Foods Slaughter house(food processing), 5 star maintenance(cleaning service), Hawaiʻi County Fire Department (human care), and eventually at 22yo, starting my own business of Hawaiʻi Island Rain Gutters (2005- present) installing nearly 2000 residential and commercial systems (business management and customer relations). I got my unscripted certifications in island Knowledge, a way to recover our once sustainable Hawaiian lifestyle....!

Why do you think you are the right candidate for mayor of Hawaiʻi County? 

My fatherhood and island Knowledge is incomparable. There is no angle of island living that I have not experienced. My deep island experience and education, not to mention lack of governmental politics, allows for a fresh look and approach to a broken system with pure common sense and cultural relativity. I am unpolluted in experience. I love Hawaiʻi Island too much to be <Pono!

Please tell us about your biggest personal or professional accomplishments in the past five years.

I feel my greatest accomplishment every day when my children kiss me and say "I love you dad."  

My family is taken healthy and well provided for.

Last year we built Kanaka Knowledge Learning Center on the Mauna, in anticipation of having a center of higher Kanaka Knowledge. The curriculum would've covered all remedies for our current situation as a people. Unfortunately, KKLC was bulldozed by the state and our people took a devastating hit once again in restricting our cultural knowledge.

What will be your top three priorities in your first 100 days as mayor? 

I already began planting seeds to move forward....

Finding all our missing children and ending island misconduct(safety/covid-19)!

Changing educational curriculum for a sustainable future!

Ending Homelessness and unemployment!

Reviving our island economy!

Fixing island infrastructure! 

Exponentiate Reforestation!

And then some!!!

Some say "development" has a negative connotation in Hawaiʻi. Others say it is an important element in our community's future. Where do you stand?

Developing our island for production is fine. To produce goods and sustenance for our people thru agriculture and sustainable housing is applauded. Over development of useless lavish homes and wasted space projects are not ok.  We need to realize that we're on an island and we have limited space/resources, we need to develope sustainably for our community, not for international investors. Malama ʻĀina. I favor quality developments that keep construction on the rising with anticipation of affordable to our local workers, planned well thought out and have positive impact to both sides. If we're going to be sustainable these development projects have to be attached to new clean medical and technology companies that can provide training and jobs to our youth and career changing work force. 

As mayor, what would you do to implement the principles of the ʻĀina Aloha Economic Futures Declaration?

Everything in my power! These topics and approaches define my lifestyle, so implementing them will be second nature! This makes me happy and excited to be an Alakaʻi!

Which areas of the Aloha+ Challenge will you focus on as mayor, and what plans do you have to help achieve these sustainability goals on Hawaiʻi Island?

He Nohona ʻAeʻoia! This is so exciting!

My knowledge center on wheels has it all! I'll show us all real soon!

Agricultural, keep property taxes the same or lower for our producing farms, work on  technology   assistant from UH or other well quantified universities. Increasing working with department of water supply to obtain the water commitments that our expanded farm land would required. County partnership for co-operative resourceful, weather certified kitchens, storage, shipping avenues.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the County has gotten involved in addressing food, housing, medical care, and other social welfare needs. How should the County pivot to focus on economic recovery and growth?

We do it all simultaneously. My plans do not call for more funds, thus they are very tangible. I intend on pursuing avenues of quality > quantity and strategically implementing exponential moves and impacts in each decision I make with my team. It's so much simpler to reduce rather than increase consumption. 

How important is the growth of clean, renewable energy for Hawaiʻi Island? Which technologies should we embrace, and should any be left off the table?

We should embrace solar and hydroelectric, our natural resources of sun and water.   The only two resources we can depend on without foreign aid and can harvest without environmental impact.  Every home should be retrofitted with a regenerative, high quality solar system.  I'm resourcing help to aid us in designing a hydro electric home system for run off water(gutters/waste water).  Geothermal should be left off the table.  If we quality our use and needs for energy, we won't need more than we have.  Cultural Respects speak volumes to our people.

What factors or considerations will you take in hiring your cabinet, and who are some of the people you are considering or the strategy you will use to build your team?

Every person entertained for any position must have these qualities.

A Pono Heart!

Radiates Positivity and has true magnetisism!

Educated Island Common Sense!

Active Pono background on Hawai'i Island!

People Person!

Someone who has the Hawai'i Island X factor!

I would like to employ those already in these positions if they meet my standards listed above.  If I can keep people in their jobs, I will!  I feel that since they've been doing this job already, a new leader can help guide them in a better direction rather than having to re teach not only the new curriculum, but the job at hand.   A win win situation. 

As Mayor, you will make decisions that affect this island and the children who will inherit it for generations to come. What is your commitment to them?

That defines "Mikey Glendon"

My life is committed to our future generations, as I want them to do the same for their future generations!  Hawai'i will live on in Peace and Aloha!

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